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John Godwin Releases Plan to Make Tampa More Affordable

Tampa, FL - On February 22, John Godwin released his second full plan—a plan to make Tampa a more affordable city. To date, Godwin is the only city council candidate to have a plan to address affordability. This follows the release of his earlier plan to make Tampa a more accessible city.

To date, Godwin is the only Tampa City Council candidate to release any full plans. "We have grown too used to hearing politicians make promises to fix one thing or another, but never prove that they actually have a plan for how to do so—too often it is because they don't" Godwin said. "It is a matter of respect for Tampa and voters, they should be able to know if the person asking for their vote actually knows how to do the things that are being promised."

In Godwin's "An Affordable City" plan, he explains that "4 out of 5 Americans will live near poverty, without work, at least once in their lives. The vast majority of us will struggle with affordability at least once, or our children and family will." To make Tampa more affordable, Godwin lays out plans to address transportation, housing, and nutrition availability.

Find the full report at: Affordable Tampa.pdf



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