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An Accessible Tampa

John Godwin is the first and only candidate in Tampa to develop and release a plan to make Tampa a more accessible city for persons with disabilities.

“The average person will outlive their ability to drive by 10 years,” Godwin said. “And we are one of the leading destinations for veterans, many of whom have service-related disabilities—it is our responsibility to ourselves, our neighbors, and those who served our country to make this city accessible to everyone.”

Read the full policy document here.

An Affordable Tampa

John Godwin released his second full plan—a plan to address affordability in Tampa. To date, Godwin is the only city council candidate to have a plan to address affordability.

“4 out of 5 Americans will live near poverty, without work, at least once in their lives. The vast majority of us will struggle with affordability at least once, or our children and family will" Godwin said. "We must address transportation, housing and nutrition availability in Tampa."

Read the full policy document here.


John's Plan... Continued

"Tampa deserves leaders who seek office because they have a genuine desire to serve their neighbors and a deep understanding of how we can drive Tampa forward while preserving our history."


John Godwin's full plan to make Tampa a more accessible city 


John got into the District 2 race because he believes Tampa deserves representatives on council who take action and who understand how we can use council to better serve you.

Tampa is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and we're set to continue this amazing growth. As we grow and prosper we must make sure we are preserving the history and character that makes Tampa special and we must make sure the growth and prosperity benefit all of our residents—we accomplish this with a City Council that prepares Tampa for the future.

John will focus on transportation, inclusivity, affordability, growth, and neighborhoods.


Our city has waited for decades for real transportation solutions. Rather than starting with pre-defined transportation solutions, John will be a constant advocate for approaching the development of a transportation system with our goals first, those goals being safety, affordability, accessibility, convenience, and environmental friendliness.

We need to make sure our roads are repaved, sidewalks are connected and repaired, bicyclists are able to commute safely, and mass transportation is accessible and reliable. 


Tampa's formation was one of diversity, we were founded by immigrants—our ongoing diversity is one of our greatest strengths. It is why we are one of the fastest growing cities in the US and why our businesses are thriving and corporations are now looking to Tampa. John will be an advocate for all our neighbors, an advocate for protecting and celebrating this diversity. 

Tampa needs to be known as a city where all are welcomed and celebrated, regardless of who you love, what color your skin is, what god you worship, or what your abilities are—John will be a warrior to make sure that we continue to drive this forward.


As Tampa grows, we need to make sure that growth in benefiting our current residents, not pricing them out of the city; we need to make sure Tampa is a city that your children and grandchildren are able to afford to come back to and buy a home. John will work to increase Tampa's housing supply and supply of affordable housing. John will also fight to expand our mass transit system to provide all in Tampa an affordable and reliable means of navigating our city.


We need to be planning ahead in order to maintain and solidify the exceptional growth Tampa has been experiencing. John will push forward smart community planning to guide and encourage the growth in sustainable ways—revamping zoning throughout the city, reforming parking minimum requirements, and pushing for an expanded permitting department. John will also work to strengthen ties between the city and our local universities and connect entrepreneurs and Tampa's innovation and technology community to make Tampa a vibrant place to start and grow a business.


A revitalized downtown has our city booming; we now need a renewed focus on all our neighborhoods—they are the building blocks of Tampa and it is our responsibility to preserve their unique characters. John will focus on potholes, parks, sidewalks, and streetlights. John will also work to ensure new development in our neighborhoods matches and enriches the neighborhood's character. And John will be an advocate for an expanded Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and a fixture at your neighborhood association meetings.

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