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Godwin is the First Candidate in Tampa to Develop a Plan to Make the City More Accessible

Tampa, FL – Today, John Godwin became the first and only candidate in Tampa to develop and release a plan to make Tampa a more accessible city for persons with disabilities.

“The average person will outlive their ability to drive by 10 years,” Godwin said. “And we are one of the leading destinations for veterans, many of whom have service-related disabilities—it is our responsibility to ourselves, our neighbors, and those who served our country to make this city accessible to everyone.”

In releasing the plan, Godwin took another step in solidifying that he is the candidate with the greatest insight into how Tampa’s city council can enact new and innovative policy to improve our city.

In the policy document, Godwin calls for internal reforms, leveraging new technology, revamping our transportation infrastructure, influencing housing, and making improvements to our parks and playgrounds.

Find the full report at:

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